Reclamation Ceremony

Reclamation Ceremony is a feminist performance that offers one the process of reclaiming oneself from the patriarchy. Reclamation was born from the research and study of Samurai naming ceremonies, Papal inauguration ceremonies, Bar/t Mitzvah candle ceremonies, Wiccan name changing ceremonies, and looking at artists such as Sophie Calle and her work of The Fake Wedding and The Birthday Ceremony


Words from my Reclamation Ceremony:

I am starting the tedious and expensive legal process of changing my name by first having a Reclamation Ceremony as a celebratory art/performance affair as a way to make a feminist statement of self-ownership and a rejection of patriarchal assumptions, expectations, and traditions in our culture.

This Reclamation is an act of self-love and a statement that is meant to be the grand gesture to oneself. Our society doesn’t hold self-love and intimacy in the forefront of its values, it falls in line behind money, power, competition, and coupled love.

This Reclamation is also a way for me to honor the women, female, and femme relationships in my life. This is the strongest love I have ever seen. I was raised by all women in a patriarchal world and still to this day surround myself with bold, soft, hilarious, brilliant women. This Reclamation is for them.

At birth I was given my father’s name and today, I unmark myself from him and the assumption of male domination. I chose a new name to honor myself and my own history.  Sova.